Primate Cathedral of Ibague

The Immaculate Conception Cathedral of Ibagué is one of the oldest buildings in the city, and is the main religious center that houses the Catholic faith of the Ibagueños. Its first face was in the Spanish style, with tiles and wooden doors, four naves and very thick walls.

San Jorge Botanical Garden

The San Jorge Botanical Garden is a natural reserve, located in the urban perimeter, which has become one of the lungs that allows us to breathe pure air. It is a place where the natural mixes with the urban, passing in a few minutes from the city environment to the tranquility of the countryside, its flora and fauna.

Tolima Art Museum

It was created at the initiative of the artists Darío Ortiz Robledo and the then Director of Culture, Julio Cesar Cuitiva Riveros. It has seven exhibition rooms, a library specialized in art for reading in the room, a boutique store, a restaurant and an auditorium theater with capacity for 90 people.
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